Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carlos Mena Tracks "Hashman " on his acclaimed Radio Show

The other Day Was Informed By the Man himself Casamena that he had did a new Podcast and Incl. the new Soso Deep Release "HashMan" ....Thanks for the Love Carlos Mad Respect... Yo, and it got 10,000 Downloads in 5 days???? Damn!!!

check out more here @

Monday, May 3, 2010

SOSO DEEP APPROVED: Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop

Over the weekend i saw this Movie of the ever so elusive banksy. its real inspiring and interesting to see what he does and the sublty of it. real Artist With real talent. Art Terrorist's if u will. Check it out if u see it anywhere i guarantee you will like it.

some art of banksy's:

via: http://www.banksyfilm.com/

HOT PICK: Vans Vault Native American + Chukka Del Barco – Summer 2010

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NEW Soso Deep RELEASE! COMING SOON SSD003 "HashMan" by Stephen Rigmaiden , Randy Torrance , & Jojo Torres

Soso Deep Records Presents to you a new and amazing single titled "Hashman" ft 4 mixes of pure fiyah A Track u wont want to pass up on. Stephen Rigmaiden is teamed up this time with Production Partner and label mate Randy Torrance, & also totheir perspective is SF Based DJ Jojo Torres from the famed Super Soul Sundays party's. Hashman Boasts of deep energy and distant lands. A track driven with Deep Bass and The perfect Vocals to compliment it.. Deep Melodic is the approach to this single, with tons of groove, percussive energy, and atmospere as Rastaman Vocals glide thru the track Displaying the siginifigance of the HashMan (IRIE MON"). Consisting of four mixes one will definitley hit your palette and leave that after taste of wanting more. The main mix is full on conveying the dancefloor putting heads in a trance, the No Vox Mix is a taste for the dj who likes to mix it up a bit on the fly, insert your fav vocal and watch the crowd go crazy. The instrumental and beats Versions are pretty quite self explanatory and will compliment your cd book nicely................ a mix for all occasions. We all at Soso Deep plan to continue doing this Music thing, and with you all support that is just what we will do.....Make Good Music. Thanks for your support:)

peace and blessings.

********************************Some Feedback and Comments***********************************

~shit is hot bro, Another deep banger from SoSo Deep.Underground house music is alive and well! - Carlos Mena (Ocha/Yoruba)
~Great tracks, great vocal, great production! will play it in the club and radio show. - MAX PELA (AfroBeta Bodega)

~Deep driving afro beats that will crunch your speakers. This will get rocked at Libation no doubt! - Ian Friday (Tea Party Music)
~Another one by Stephen Rigmaiden and his team. This is going to hypnotize people on the dance floor for sure with that deep roots vox and the synth driving the song with great drum arrangement. Over all this is a must have track for that deep late night crowd. THIS DEEP ROOTED!!!- Nef Nunez (Seed Recordings)

~deeeeeeeeeeeeep son, deep! Dig it!- Joe Dipadova (One)
~Oh ras..killer sound on this one. - TrinidadianDeep (Prescription)

~another deep afro excursion from the soso deep camp feeling the drum programming will support- Corey Soulfuzion (Centric)
~"Hashman is another raw deep number with sosodeep's signature written all over it! Quality here. Full support." - DJ ALA (DIVE)

~'nice track, label's slowly getting on people's map's' - Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House / Deeper Shades Recordings)
~"This Hashman is proper deep... just what the Doc ordered... I prefer the instrumental over the vox.. Clean Production!" - Demarkus Lewis

~i love the vox mix and i will play it - Edground (Grooveland)
~Main mix for me, great afro deep vibe, i really like it, nice structure and sick sounds...will def gonna play it in my next radioshows!" Thanks! - Yass (Defected)

~Wow, now this is wasup! I am loving this deepness…thank you gentlemen. This one is on repeat - get cho dance on people this is a cypher starter fasho! - Co-Flo (Flo-ology, HDI Finalist)
~sweaty,... sticky,... nasty biness for the dance floor. They'll never see it coming. - Cecil (The People, Relevant Sound)

~I like this ep... for me Hashman( NoVox ) very deep!!! 8/10 love the beat and sinth!! afro deep tech!! thx for your promo- Salvatore Agrosi(Deeper Shades of House)
~anotha "smoking joint" from SoSo Deep! Hashman is prescription to keep your spirits "high" on the dancefloor. Will def be dropping this! - Jose Marquez (Inspiration LA)

~NICE TRACK.....- Eric "EMan" Clark (Liberate Recordings)

~ Hashman is my latest floor banger. Definitely keeps the floor bumping! Mad love and support.- Marco Castro (Dancegruv)

~ Love the main and the dub Mixes, Keep it coming... we need this!!! - Rancido Deep Journey (Nulu Music)

~ Dopeness again! Really diggin' the atmosphere of the tracks. The Dub works best for me. Full support!!! - Jason Cheiron



Written & Produced by : Stephen Rigmaiden, Randy Torrance, & Jojo Torres

Mixed and mastered By:

Stephen Rigmaiden @ Soso Deep Studio's (CA)

Publishing: Stephen E Rigmaiden (BMI)

For All licsensing Inquiries contact : stoopiddue@gmail.com

Your Feedback and comments are much appreciated and needed.

If You do a top ten i would hope u would consider adding this release to it, Thanks :)

Reply to stoopiddue@gmail.com

peace and blessings to all.....

Stephen Rigmaiden of Soso Deep

http://www.sosodeeprecords. blogspot.com/

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD Nina Simone "Strange Fruit"(Stephen Rigmaiden Mix)

It's Been quite a minute now i hope u guys are still listening. I'd like to share yet another fine remix oLd an old Nina Simone song titled "Strange Fruit" Now i did this remix after being completley put into a trance after hearing the original that Billie Holliday did. The Lyrics are so powerful they brought tears to my eyes and emotional creativity that Basically compeled me to do this remix. I would love to share this with the world as that is wht music id for.


click here to download:

stacks 2010 Spring Skate Decks

The skateboarding project of Michael Leon and Reese Forbes, stacks, makes its return this Spring with a series of skate decks and upcoming apparel drops. Featured are several different designs, including a “The Beetles” Reese Forbes graphic and stacks Dot Logo Print. Accompanying those two releases will be a collaboration pack with Eric Elm’s publishing company And Press. The pack consists of a skate deck and book, titled “Wish You Were Here”, which features 224 pages of 2-color offset on newsprint, printed in an edition of 1000. Look for these to drop mid-April 2010.

“The Beetles” by Reese Forbes
“Stacks And Press” by Eric Elms

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FTC "For the Cash" Contest in the Store in SF

FTC "For the Ca$h" 2010 Invitational Contest from Mecky Creus on Vimeo.

Nike SB Zoom Omar Salazar – Yellow Ochre – Del Sol

Man o Man , I was at first not feeling the SB Zoom Salazar's But u got to hand it to Nike on the color dept. they have made me a fan as of now. Check out the pics and see what u think.

via Sneakernews.com

Sorry its been so long, i Wont Let u Down again :(

So lately stuff has been real hectic starting the label a, and the guys are jus getting so much better (Folarin, Randy & Andy) at producing i been having to lock myself n the room and show em a thing or two that u can teach an old dog new tricks. Thers been tons of stuff going on in pop culture lately ( new sneakers, new videos, new artists) and i plan on reporting, and i also will be spreading the love of this deep music as well. So Stay Tuned for more music Updates, Bootleg Giveaways , new shows and more all here at sosodeeprecords.blogspot.com.